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French national guide

Elodie Fleury

Elodie Fleury, French national guide

A passion : the Perigord !

In 2001, I became a fully qualified national guide specialized in the region I love and have adopted as my home : Dordogne-Perigord.

I speak french, german and english. I will help you discover my region with passion through its history, its traditions, its tangible and intangible cultural heritage, its gastronomy, its landscapes, its rivers…

Since 2017, I’m also creating educational activities for children in order to help them discover our rich heritage and culture through play activities and hands-on experiences.

Guided tours of Arts et Cultures

Art and heritage

Sharing my knowledge was always essential for me, which is why I’m handing down my love for the Perigord through guided on-site tours and educational activities.

I really like to plunge my audience in an era, in an environment by describing the context of the creation of a piece of art, or a construction. I’m taking my guests along to escape by showing the beauty of art and heritage.

I am helping them to understand our culture as well as them sharing their culture. Through this exchange I hope to enrich our lives.

Guided tours of Arts et Cultures

What we can do together

Guided tours in the Perigord :

Guided Tours of cities (Bergerac, Périgueux, Sarlat…), of villages (Limeuil, Monpazier, Domme…), of museums (National Museum for Prehistory…), of castles (Beynac, Monbazillac…), of gardens, Dordogne Valley, Vezere Valley…

From 115EUR without VAT
Guided tour of 1hour-1.30hour or more…

Thematic tours

Because of my knowledge of the territory, I’m able to guide you on longer trips with different themes such as Prehistoric, Medieval, and Renaissance times, regional way of life, etc. These tours allow you to have a true experience of intense discovery of the beautiful Perigord.

From 250EUR without VAT
Day-trip 9 hours

Approach of local cultures

In order to give your tour a personal touch, I am able to advise you on the discovery of culinary, agricultural and wine growing cultures, local traditions linked to a territory, etc.

Please contact me for more details

Contact : Arts et Cultures avec Elodie Fleury

Arts et Cultures avec Elodie Fleury

National guide : french, german and english

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Guided tours of Arts et Cultures in Perigord